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[22 Mar 2006|07:06pm]
hello sweeties <3
dropping omagadoki (die), yourpain (hizumi) and ruki_sama (ruki)

it was fun while it lasted <3

buh bye~ <3

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MOD POST [12 Feb 2006|01:20am]

[ mood | busy ]

WHOOOOOOoooooooooooo @_______@ Been a while, hasn't it? So here's the deal, contrary to what it seems, Akas3n isn't shutting down. Quite the opposite. It's under construction. As of now the entire info page is being updated, a layout change is being considered, storyline tweaked, and different odds and ends added. For those of you who can and aren't completely fed up with it, bare with us, na? If not, that's fine as well ♥♥

**Note: Story line change will not have enough impact to be drastically different.

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[08 Jan 2006|01:58am]

dropping...sorry it's been fun while it lasted, but the rp appears dead, at least for me.
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[21 Dec 2005|12:46pm]
Droppage ;o;
Bai bai Nono... ;o;
*skidoodles out*
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[17 Dec 2005|11:39pm]

Due to family/holidays/work and friends visiting, I have to put my character on hiatus for two weeks. Sorry.
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[04 Dec 2005|06:47pm]

OK so >>;
I think I'm dropping all my muses here. Because the rp seems dead Oo at least on my end...


go bai bai

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[28 Nov 2005|03:36am]

This community is going to be going on hiatus for a while. Basically, I haven't been doing any roleplaying and I'm boring myself with it. XD Though Bou-mun has a mod position here, so if anybody needs help, ask her.
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[16 Nov 2005|11:31pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Uhm yeah...

n///n Dropping Zero xtaintedxworldx Uruha and Kikasa might be a little later.

Being forced out of a few communities due to nagging Parental unit.

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Mod Post [31 Oct 2005|06:33pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hiii, it's me...

I have a question for you guys. Since I'm currently busy and preoccupied with other things (though I'll still be keeping this up the best I can), I need a little help with this place. Would anybody be interested in helping me moderate it? Maybe with more mods, I'd be able to make it a bit more popular? x-x I like the roleplays I have here, so I'm not going to drop anyone ~ and there will be no cuts as of yet. So... ! With that said... please comment if you're interested in a mod position.

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In the Concerns of Business [29 Oct 2005|10:16pm]

Who: Közi/Ruka
Where: Random Club
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Description: Ruka has to strike a deal with Közi due to business affairs gone awry

Who Said Insanity Wasn't Infectious?Collapse )
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x.x [27 Oct 2005|01:31pm]

I'm sorry, but I'm dropping hide and Satsuki.

Thanks to everybody who I rped with. It was fun! <3
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Hello dearies [25 Sep 2005|01:26am]

So sorry, but I'm dropping Jun. I love him to death, believe me, but I never ever RP here *bad mun* Thanks to those of you I did RP with though <33
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Dropping and a new Claim >>; [22 Sep 2005|09:15pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I'm gonna drop poor Hide-Zou, I just don't do anything with the guy, he's too serious >>;;

I'm replacing him with this guy (points below)

Muse’s name: Maayatan
Their band: Ishiharagundan
Their LJ: riot_casualty
Their aim sn: DeityMyaku
Your name: Nobuko
Your LJ: brokendolfie
Your aim sn: ChargedMacabre
Occupation: Street Racer
OMG There's a bee in my bundle of daisies!! Get it away, I'm allergic!! ;o; *dies*

Read more...Collapse )

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Ooopsies... [22 Sep 2005|06:15pm]
Ok... dropping Mana <.< Just thought Id let ya'll know >.>;;;
<3- Nadi
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bj3jkgjajdf [21 Sep 2005|09:00pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

Well ~ I've been wanting to keep up this community better than I have been. I think that it -might- have potential... so ! I have requests for all of you:

If anybody has -any- ideas on how to make this community more interesting, or any plot twists, or whatever, please comment. I really don't care how dorky it sounds, cause... I really like the characters I've seen so far, and I'd like to keep everything up. I don't want anybody to be bored, so please, whatever you think would make this community better, tell me.

Also, logs aren't required, but if you have any finished roleplays, please post them! I know that some of you are really busy with school and/or work, etc., so if you don't get as much roleplaying done as you would like, just post random comments in your IC journals so that I'll know you're still alive.

Hm... I really don't know what else to say... o_x ... I know that there are a few things I want to change, but nothing dramatic, the storyline and characters are still going to stay the same. Sooo... please, give me some suggestions!!! I'd appreciate it sooo much... I really don't want this community to die.


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Claim [14 Sep 2005|06:33pm]

Muse’s name: Shinya
Their band: Dollis Marry
Their LJ: xxunconsciousxx
Their aim sn: Utsukushiku
Your name: Meru
Your LJ: soranosuishou
Your aim sn: Utsukushiku
Occupation: Bar tender
Secret word: *singing* Tiptoeeee...through the window....something something...that's where I'll beeee..so tiptoe thorugh the daisies wiff meeeeeeeeee~~~....oh wait...*blinks*

weeee! All the Shinya's I know are drummers wtf? XDCollapse )
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I can't make up my mind. [10 Sep 2005|02:27am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Dropping Deeth firestar_man

Yes, I know. I suck.

Um, and yes, for those who are wondering, you can only drop a character to pick up another one twice. >_>; -Makes that rule now.-... ^____^

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Devil has a new name part 2 [07 Sep 2005|09:10pm]

Part 2 condtionation from hereCollapse )
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Another button ^-^ [06 Sep 2005|07:20pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Updated to niya_xxx. ^^

How to work the button
1.Type character's lj name in box..
2.Click the 1337 button.

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Claim [06 Sep 2005|04:48pm]

Muse’s name: Ni~ya
Their band: Nightmare
Their LJ: niya_xxx
Their aim sn: xXxsilentXfoexXx
Your name: Yuki
Your LJ: (Optional) ----
Your aim sn: xXxsilentXfoexXx
Occupation: Porn Star --- XXX
Secret word: daisies are crazy Oo;;;
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